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Signing Up

Please be advised that we allow only businesses to sign up and all signup requests are upon our revisal.
  • Write your email and set up your password. There is no password verification but you will be able to send a password reminder if you get it wrong.
  • Read carefully and accept Terms of Use.
  • You will receive a link to confirm your account. If it is not at your mailbox within minutes please check the spam folder or go back to the signup page to resend the activation link.
  • Click the activation link.
  • Fill in required information:
    1. Profile:
      • First Name,
      • Last Name,
      • Phone (starting with + and country code),
      • Your company website address (it is not an address of advertised webpage or application, just your company web page) starting with https://
    2. Company Details:
      • Company name,
      • Address, City, Postcode and Country (this is very important to validate your TAX ID),
      • VAT Number.
    3. Payment&Currency Settings
      • Currency (this is the currency for all your advertising budgets and invoicing),
      • Bank Name, IBAN and SWIFT/BIC (those are optional and could be updated later – we would need those if you decide to redeem funds from your balance).
Please note that when your profile details are saved, the account verification process starts. We review new signups on a daily basis and you should expect your account to be reviewed within 24 hours (Monday - Friday).

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