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Campaign Budget

You can define the most important parameters of your campaign during this step.

  • Playout Capping: select how many times your ad should be played to one, unique listener,
  • Budget Type:
    • Automatic: your budget will be adjusted dynamically to provide the best results during campaign time. That means on some days, when our system detects more listeners matching your criteria, the playout number might be higher,
    • Manual: you can set up daily budget capping and the system will stop playing your campaigns as it reaches the daily budget limit.
  • Cost Per Play Bid (CPP): the most important setting of your campaign. When playing the ads our system sorts them by two criteria: best matching targeting options selected (more important) and the highest CPP (less important). That means during ad breaks and pre-rolls campaigns with better matching and highest CPP will be played first. If your campaign will suffer from too low CPP or will be outbidden by other advertisers and there will be no playouts, you will be notified by email.
  • Total CPP: this is updated automatically and the system will add extras for paid selected targeting options to your CPP. This is your final price you will pay for one ad played to one listener (playout).
  • Total budget: your total budget you want to spend on your new audio campaign at AdTonos.

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