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Company details

Please note that Company Details and Payment&Currency Settings can not be edited. If you need to update any information please contact us at support@adtonos.com.

Current Balance

This is the total balance that can be spent on your advertising on AdTonos. If you need to top up your balance please contact us to provide you with payment details.

  • Redeem – if you decide to postpone or stop your advertising campaigns on AdTonos you can redeem funds that are on your balance. Please be advised that it would take some time for funds to arrive to your account and you must provide transfer details in Payment & Currency Settings otherwise we would not be able to process it.

  • Company Details and Payment & Currency Settings – this is information you have provided us during the signup process. To keep the redeem process safe, once registered you can not change those details. Please contact us if you need to update any of that information.

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