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This article describes Campaigns screen with a list of your campaigns. If you are looking for help how to setup a new campaign please go to:
  1. Campaign filtering by status
    • All.
    • Draft – campaign that was saved as a draft to edit it later.
    • Pending – campaign that was properly set and launched and now is currently reviewed by AdTonos.
If you need more information about our campaign review process please go to:
  • Active – currently up and running,
  • Paused,
  • Closed,
  • Rejected – campaign was reviewed by AdTonos and has not met our policy standards.
  1. Campaigns summary
  • Last Played At: date in which an ad was last played;
  • Campaign: name of the campaign;
  • Playouts: number of ads played;
  • Unique: number of unique listeners;
  • Avg. Position: average position of your ad in the playout queue;
  • Total CPP: cost per playout;
  • Cost: total cost of played ads;
  • Status: status of the campaign.
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