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Remarketing helps you to reach specific website visitors at a specific moment. For example you could reach with your audio campaign those customers that have abandoned their shopping cart, and use AdTonos as audio cart recovery call to action.

More to say, you are able to differentiate your audio campaigns and play different ads to different groups of your website visitors, depending for example of their path to the shopping cart.

All of those possible scenarios are provided by information gathered by our Audiopixelâ„¢.

By playing with different settings you would be able to set dynamic remarketing scenarios.

Launching Remarketing Audio Campaign

At the first step you need to go to Campaigns, check the Remarketing box at the targeting options screen and set up your campaign as usual. Remember your campaign name, as it will be useful later.

Please note, that if you select any targeting parameters to that campaign, that will narrow your remarketing audience accordingly.
For example: if you place your pixel at the women clothes section of your fashion e-commerce website and set targeting option to "Men", your campaign will be played to those website visitors that fall into the "Men" category and were browsing woman clothes.
  1. Go to the Integrations section.
  2. Click Add, a new screen will appear.
  3. Select your campaign that you want to run as Remarketing.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Update your website source code with your new pixel.
To learn more how to implement Audiopixelâ„¢ code to your website please go to:
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