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Ad Lengths, Positions and Types

There are multiple different ad lengths that you can upload to AdTonos. However, the ad length determines its position in the playout order and the type of the ad itself.

First, there are two different ad types of audio ads served by our solution:

Ad Types

  • Pre-roll: those ads are played before the requested audio content. In AdTonos the pre-roll length is defined by integrated Publishers, however we advise not to exceed 30 seconds, as from our perspective it has a direct impact on the listener’s experience.
  • Mid-roll: those ads are played mostly by music streaming websites or music only online radio stations between songs on any other content. It is also a more recognizable format of podcasts advertising and some of podcasts use both pre-roll and mid-roll.
    • Ads Replacement: it is a special type of mid-roll, but works only on live FM/AM radio station stream online. Some content (mostly ad breaks), selected by a broadcaster, is being replaced in real time. In other words, if you listen to your radio by regular, terrestrial receiver and mobile simultaneously, at some moment you would notice different content played to you.

Ad Positions

There are two ad positions in Mid-roll and Ads Replacement, which also determine the price of the playout. The whole placement of the ads or content being replaced by our solution could be defined as ad break. In each of ad breaks there are ads:

  • First In Row: only one ad that is played as a first, and this special ad slot is a subject of an exclusive bidding. In other words, it is only a win-lose auction and the biggest bidder takes this one slot.
  • Bid in Block: First in a Row is followed by the rest of ads, that are played out according to an algorithm that sorts them in the right order. The ad position in playout order depends on two factors: its bid and target match.
To learn more about ad playout order read here:

Ad Lengths

There are four types of ad lengths available for your audiomarketing needs:

8 seconds, 15 seconds, 20 seconds, 30 seconds.

Please note that in some Ad Positions only selected Ad Lengths are allowed as described below:

Playout Order
Pre-roll8s ads, 15s ads, 20s ads, 30s ads.
Played as long as pre-roll length defined by publisher
Mid-rollFirst in Row (8s or 15s), only one ad slot.
Bid In Block (20s or 30s), played as long as mid-roll length defined by publisher.
Ads ReplacementFirst in Row (8s or 15s), only one ad slot.
Bid In Block (20s or 30s), played as long as content to replace is being detected.
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